Poem Page

Hello everyone!

This is my Poem page. A page on my blog that has lots of different types of poems.

I hope you enjoy them! 



The race
excited and concerned
sprint and finish
a small stampede

A bird
colourful and rare
flying and landing
A tiger disappearing through the trees.
The serval
mischievous and sly
running and jumping
A smart agent cracking codes
The green tree frog
slimy and plump
climbing and breathing
A fly sucking on jam.
A blue whale
Huge and playful
Swimming and resting
A slow snail, carrying it’s home.
There was once a blue whale,
Who enjoyed being in jail.
One day he broke the law,
By drinking out of a straw.
Then suddenly, it started to hail.
I am a Sumatran tiger, 
I roam the jungle of green.
I am suffering from the loss of my home,
Which is no where to be seen.
I hear the sound of crashing trees,
Of burning bushes dying.
I tell myself it’ll be alright,
But then again, I’m lying.
I won’t survive for very long,
For I will be dead soon.
I’ll remember the sound of sweet bird songs,
And the comforting light of the moon.

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