Spelling City Compound Words

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This week in spelling city I had the following list:

  1. broadcast
  2. deadline
  3. headache
  4. meanwhile
  5. overseas
  6. sightseeing
  7. striaghtforward
  8. timetable
  9. viewpoint
  10. courthouse
  11. guideline
  12. landmark
  13. thoroughfare
  14. trustworthy
  15. weatherproof

I think it was about compound words and exploring some of the different types of compound words in english. I ‘m a bit confused with ‘striaghtforward’, because it was pronounced stra-gt-forward. But I think that it’s meant to be ‘straightforward’.

Read like a Writer

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Every Thursday morning our class does an activity called Literature Circles. There are 4 groups and each group reads a different book. When we finished our book, we did a podcast. And then after that we reflected on it in a way called “Read like a Writer”.

We are judging the book with our own point of view on the voice of the story, the sentence fluency, the ideas, the organization of the ideas, the word choice and the conventions, which ate things like grammar, spelling and punctuation. These are called the 6 traits of writing.

The 6 traits of writing are some things that can guide you to make a story great. Ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions. Here is my point of view of view on the 6 traits of writing on the short-listed book, The Game of the Goose by Ursula Dubosarsky.


In this paragrph, it mentions that the children find ‘cracks and holes and loose boards, because children do’. I think that that idea refers to how children can be curious and like to explore.


The organization of the ideas in this paragraph is ok. But in between the sentences there aren’t a lot of pauses, but I think that we are meant to read it fast.


The voice in this part of the sounds like she got the technique of saying the paragraph quickly from maybe another author. But it still sounds a bit like Ursula.

Here is my reflection.

While reading a text, I have considered using an ellipsis when someone is talking to unsureness in their voice. I have also discovered more about how not using full stops and commas in story writing, can help you achieve the purpose of intensifying And if you want something t be suspenceful, breaking a sentence into separate parts helps.

I think that the ellipsis could help me with story writing at times, because sometimes I like a bit of uncertainty in my writing. I like to write horror stories and I think that all of these techniques can help me create an even better one.

Literature Circles Podcast: The Game of the Goose

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In term 3 and 4, our  class has been working in groups on a chosen book. The activity that we did was called Literature Circles. Every group had a different book that they were to read including The Game of the Goose, which my group and I read, Hover Car Racer, Gilbert’s Ghost Train and What do you think, Feezal? Each person in the group had a different role.

The roles were Discussion Director, Word Watcher, Connecter, Passage Master, Captain (or Contessa) of Comprehension and Tally Master.

The Discussion Director directs the conversation and leads the people in the group.

The Word Watcher looks for new and interesting words in the text and it is their job to define it.

The Connecter makes connections with other texts, themselves and the world (text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world).

The Passage Master looks for passages in the text that could lead to something else happening. In a way, they are predicting what might happen.

The Captain (or Contessa) of Comprehension asks questions about a weird piece in the text.

The Tally Master keeps track of who does their homework each week and decides who is participating most on the day when we discuss the book.

Here is our group’s podcast.


BTN – Healthy Vending

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You’re in a shopping centre and you start to feel a bit hungry, so find a vending machine and you are puzzled to find the yummy but unhealthy snacks replaced by fruits.

Around the world, these fruit vending machines are being using a lot of people. The fruits seem to be disappearing. And that’s a good sign. But a fruit vending is a little difficult to handle, because everyday, someone would need to replace the fruit to make sure that it’s fresh and to restock. And the company that runs these machines say that rthey only choose the fruit that’s really tasty.

At a certain high school, this fruit machine is really helpful and is being used. But the idea of installing the machine actually came from a student. They say that the fruit in the machine has been really delicious and also, a big hit throughout the school. But the question is, will we be seeing these all around the place? There are some challenges such as sorcing the fruit in different areas and and getting it to it’s destination while its still fresh. If these machines become even MORE popular, then buying a healthy snack will be easier than it is now.

What I understand about this video is how having these healthy fruit machines helps people with getting a snack and can also help with obesity.

A question I am left with is does the fact that the fruit is placed in plastic give it the chance to go bad?

Click here if you would like to watch the video “Healthy Vending”.