Moonee Ponds Teeball Team Strikes Victory

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Moonee Ponds Primary School has played their last Interschool Sports game for the year. Their teeball team have gladly won this last game and are very pleased with the results.


The captains of the team have reported to us that how the team was playing was great and that everyone was determined to win this last game. The teams throwing and catching skills during the game were to the best of their potential. Everyone was trying to be involved in the game.

It sounds like it was a very interesting and long game. But I’m sure everybody enjoyed every part of it.

Well done Moonee Ponds!

Science Prac. Report

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Date: 20 May               Partner/s: Table group

Aim: To find out what happens to a packing pellet when placed in water.


  • Small beaker
  • Packing Pellet x2
  • Water (room temperature)


  1. Fill up the beaker to approximately 60ml of water at room temperature.
  2. Place one of the packing pellets in the water. Observe the effects and record your observations in a P.O.E chart (Predict, Observe, Explain).


  • I predict that the pellet might dissolve in the water.
  • The pellet might just float on the surface of the water.
  • It could float on the water but stay near the wall.


Compare the differences with a normal packing pellet. The pellet has changed its shape. It now looks cloudy and soggy.


Some of the pellet’s particles have been separated and dissolved into the water. A few of my predictions (hypothesis) were partly correct. Parts of the packing pellet did dissolve and at first, it was floating on the water.