Valedictorian Speech

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Okay, so you think this is going to start down Memory Lane on my first day of school. Or the first camp I went to. Or the first teacher I had. No. this is going to start where it all ends. Or where we think it ends. So let me start by telling you that my time at Moonee Ponds Primary School has been…well, nobody could have asked for better. Mishaps came along the way, but I can definitely tell you that there were more great days than bad.

You don’t realise it at first, but school teaches you some of the most important things in life. Yes, I agree, knowing your times tables and remembering to put a full stop at the end of a sentence is important. But there are other things that are more important. Love, friendship. And friendship is what I have learnt at Moonee Ponds.

I feel that I have learnt lots about friendships and got to know my friends. In my group we understand each other and respect each other the way we are. We accept each other. We are always there for each other and help and talk about our problems. Being at school has helped me develop friendships strong enough that I will most likely cry on the last day of term. Friendships strong enough to stay together once we depart Moonee Ponds Primary School forever.

I think that primary school has also helped me find what I like doing and discover the topics and subjects I am interested in. Since grade 3, I have always been interested in science, especially in space and the universe. Just to think that there is so much out there that we don’t even know. The curiosity of humans goes further and further every day because in this case, knowledge is power. Do we have to have a reason why? Why do we want to know? Who knows? Will we ever know? The fascination of what’s out there just makes me so curious. And some day, I want to be somebody, discover what’s out there and the mystery of the universe. Although I never learnt about astronomy in school I learnt chemistry, my other most favourite topic in science.

Trying Gala sports for the first time last year has made a big impact and decision on one of the things I would like to do in high school. When I first played softball, it was difficult, but overtime I learnt the rules and became a better player, because as you all should know, practice makes perfect. This year I stepped up to become the captain of the softball team. It was a new experience for me but I had fun the whole way through.

The main role that I have taken up that has boosted my confidence and made me a better public speaker was definitely being school captain. It was a big role for me to take on but I learnt so much along the way that it definitely changed me in the way I act and speak.  Before I took up the role, I used to get really nervous but now I can get up and talk in front of an audience. Although, as far as nervous goes, that feeling doesn’t go away every time you do an assembly. But each time it does gets easier.

So this speech didn’t include my first day of school, although I remember it, or the first camp I went to, although that was fun, and it didn’t include my teacher I had in prep either. It started where it all ends. Or where we think it ends. Where we think we stop seeing our friends and do more homework. But it doesn’t end. Because this is the beginning of something new.

BTN – Greece in Trouble (Compare/Reflect)

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This week I will reflect and compare to other peoples Behind the News posts in my class to see the difference between what we understood.

I compared my post to 3 other students in my class who did the same video clip. I noticed that all of them (including me) had understood and explained the meaning of austerity which is when a country has to stop spending too much, in order to one day pay the borrowed money back. I also noticed that they all understood the financial problems that Greece was going through and how long it will take to pay back the loan.

I found it interesting to think about the questions that my other classmates had come up with such as ‘In the next 5-6 years could Australia be in some money troubles?’ or ‘Why did the Greek government bring in Austerity?’ I found the second question easier to answer, because the Greek government brought in austerity so they could save their money, instead of using it, and pay back the money that was given to them from other countries in Europe. I found the first question more interesting because if Greece is in financial crisis now, then could we be next?

eSmart Digital Licence: Reflections

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Over the last two lessons, the grade 6’s of our school has been working on getting their eSmart digital licence. We having take different types of tests called modules and read the section of text about them beforehand. The modules that we have to take, test our knowledge on a range of different subjects under the wide umbrella of cyber saftey. I will be writing a little bit about each module that I do, such as the experience and the new facts that I learn.


Doing the first module was a new experience for me. I learnt heaps of new things like to not download big things like apps and videos while away from home…just in case. I learnt that messages from strangers could sometimes to good to be true such as messages saying you’ve just won a whole lot of money.


This module was a little bit different from the first one. It tested me on ways on proctecting my privacy and identity. I understand that you should be very careful about what you do online and who to put your trust in.


I found this module more difficult than the others so far. They used vocabulary that I was unfamiliar with and therefore I redid the test three times, before getting the passing score. I learnt about ways to search and research safely online. It also taught me what emails and messages you can get that a real, and some that can be too good to be true. I now understand that the term “search engines” are specific websites where you can get information.


To pass each module, you need to get 80% or 8 out of 10 question correct. I was proud of myself for this module because I got 100%. I think that this topic links to the previous topics I took a test on, so I might have had a little experience in the area. I think that I understood most of the terms and words in the test, so I think that helped me pass first try as well.


For this module, I passed at the second attempt. Module 5 taught me about ways to be safe while being social online and methods that show you protected while gaming, such as multiplayer online.


This module taught me about ways communicate safely online, in ways that hides your identity, like having profile pictures that doesn’t show you in it.


I noticed from this module it taught me what and who to be aware of whilst playing games online or just communicating with other people.


Whilst doing this module, I noticed that a lot of the language that it used I didn’t understand. In fact there was one question where I didn’t understand what it was saying but I had a roundabout idea and I clicked on an answer and got it right.

Overall, I tried again, and again and managed to pass all the tests. I now have my eSmart Digital Licence.

Today’s History Lesson: Vietnam Immigration Reflection

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In today’s history lesson, we looked at three main periods of immigration to Australia.

Here is a link to lee’sclassroom:

3 Facts: 

When the Vietnam war ended lots of people immigrated to start a new life. Many families travelled to Australia in small wooden boats, sharing the space with each other. Australia had been allowing immigrants to enter and live in their country since 1947.

2 Understandings:

I understand why people wanted to start a new life, because their own country was in ruins and they might’ve chose Australia because at the time, it was a new country…a fresh start for everyone.

1 Question:

What caused the Vietnam War?