Poetry: Lesson 5 – 6 Room Image Poem

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On the 25 of August, our class did our fifth lesson on poetry. We focused on the process of the 6 room image poem. 

Room 1: IMAGE/PHOTOGRAPH – Think of something that you think is amazing, beautiaful or interesting. Close your eyes and visualise. 

Room 2: LIGHT – Visualise the same image and think about the colours. How does it look?

Room 3: SOUND – What can you hear?

Room 4: Do you have questions about your image? What do you want to know more about?

Room 5: What do you feel?

Room 6: Look over your earlier rooms and pick out a word, line or phrase that feels important. Repeat it 3 times. 

After going through this process, we each wrote a poem according to the ntes we took after visualising. Here is the first poem I wrote that wasn’t according to my notes: 

Torches on the walls

Hogwarts, hogwarts, hogwarts

Inside the walls young witches and wizards

Hogwarts, hogwarts, hogwarts

Every night a grand feast

Hogwarts, hogwarts, hogwarts

Heels clicking on the stone floors

Hogwarts, hogwarts, hogwarts

Floating books and see-through ghosts

Hogwarts, hogwarts, hogwarts

Here is the second poem I wrote based on my notes:

Quiet chattering comes from the other first years

Will it be like I thought it would? Who are the teachers?

I’m filled with exciment and shock

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAm I really here?

It’s dark in the shadowed parts

The moon shines on the castle tops

Hogwarts, hogwarts, hogwarts