Leadership Role – Softball Captain

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I truly believe that I would be the best student to take up the role of softball captain for 2015.

Firstly, I have excellent organization skills. Each morning, I bring all the equipment that I need to class to be prepared for the learning that lies ahead. My books are stacked on a neat pile on my desk, and my locker is always clean and neat. Every day of last year, my locker was neat a tidy as well. Last year, at school one day, my teacher asked the class who thought they had the neatest locker in the class, and I raised my hand.

I can also show my organization skills in the form of my homework. I use my diary in an effective way to record what homework is, the date that’s due, and when I’m going to do it. As a result, my homework is done on time.

My second argument on why I believe I would be the best student to be the softball captain for 2015 is that I have the ability to communicate with the teachers. If I have a question about anything relating to the sport, I will ask the teacher in order to understand or confirm a bit of information. In class, I am always able to ask questions on anything I am uncertain about. I don’t feel nervous to ask if I don’t comprehend the task or know the meaning of a word. If I was softball captain, I would make sure everyone on the team understands exactly what is happening and I would also be happy to ask a teacher another student’s question.

Lastly, I think that I would be the best person to be the softball captain for 2015 is because I have had experience with this sport before and know about and understand the rules.

Last year I was a member of the softball team, and I played the position of outfielder. Over the days that the teams played games and practised, I gradually became aware of the rules. I also practised outside of school. Sometimes, I would go after school to an oval and practise throwing and catching with my sister and my mum, who was on her softball team when she was in primary school. As softball captain, would be able to teach the other members of the team the rules, and educate them about softball.

In conclusion, my organization skills, my ability to communicate with teachers, and fact that I have had experience with the sport and know the rules could only mean that I would be the best student to take up the role of softball captain for 2015.

Why would I be the best SRC rep for 2015?

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I strongly believe that I would be a positive and confident student to take up the role of SRC for 2015.

Firstly, I believe that to be a good representative, anyone would need to have good organization skills, and this is a trait that I have. I am a god organizer and can keep things neat and tidy. My locker at school has no rubbish, and the books inside are always stacked in a straight, clean and tidy pile on the top shelf. One day last year, my teacher asked the class who had the neatest locker in the class, and I put my hand up. And also, throughout the whole of last year, that top shelf stayed so clean, that the minute a rat checked it out, he would think that my locker was no place for him…or any of his friends! I can also show my excellent organization skills by the way I can finish and hand in my homework on time.

The way it works is I write a note to myself in my diary, saying what it is and when it’s due, and tell myself when I’m going to do it. I allocate time slots according to the different homework tasks I am given, and do it in the time I give myself.

My second argument is that I have good communication skills. When discussing a matter in a group, I confirm that every person in the group are having a go at speaking and are sharing their opinion within the group. I remember last year when my group and I were preparing for the met challenge, and I wasn’t sure what was going on or what the other people in my group were trying to work out. I asked what was happening and they explained to me as best as they could the plan we were going to try to win the challenge. So even though I wasn’t in group in the first place, I asked what was happening so I could try to be a part of it as much as I could.

Lastly, I believe that I would be the best person to take up the role of SRC because I have had experience in this role before.

Two years ago, I put my hand up to be one of the two people to take the role of SRC and was successful getting the role and doing the jobs that the SRC was responsible doing.

In conclusion, my organization skills, communication skills, and the fact that I have been SRC before would mean that I would be a positive and confident student to take up the role of SRC for 2015.

Why are you lucky to have me in your class?

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I believe that in your classroom I would be a fun and enjoyable student to be in the company of.

Firstly, I love to read. Books about adventure or mystery or fantasy are nowhere near boring for me on the boredometer. Books about Greek myths, or Aboriginal stories from the dreamtime, or tales about a ghost woman, who lives in that so-called haunted house, and is said to be behind the disappearances, is already getting my attention. I enjoy reading simple books about history and Ancient Greece. My favourite non-fiction subject is space or anything about the planets or the solar system, or astronomy. I once read a book called ‘Space in 30 seconds’ and it was the most simple and marvellous book about space that I have ever read. I learnt so much from that book, that I still read parts of it today. I have also started reading the ‘Percy Jackson’ series, which is about people who speak Ancient Greek and about the Greek gods and goddesses, and while reading them, I have learnt more about gods and goddesses than ever. So the point is that by reading books, you can take so much information out of it…even fiction stories!

My second argument is that I enjoy acting. I once did a creative dance class where the teacher played all these different songs, and the class would have to dance in a certain way that relates to the music. I really enjoyed it until I felt that I was doing the same thing in every lesson. But sometimes I find myself reciting the lines in the latest movie I’ve watched…I think I know almost all the lines of the first Harry Potter movie!

Even my dad laughs sometimes when I’m acting silly!

When a teacher tells the class to write a short story I will start feeling overwhelmed. It is so difficult for me to have a set number of paragraphs for a story because I could just keep going on and on and ON. I think that I could write a really detailed and interesting narrative when told to or just whenever I want.

One day I actually did write a short story and I made it a series, although I’ve only written one. I named the series, ‘The Adventures of Mixed Characters’. The story had a formula, and so did the way I chose the characters. There were four characters, two from one book, 1 from another and one character was made up. In the one I wrote, the characters I chose were Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Rapunzel and a made up wizard named Campbell.

Lastly, I think that you will enjoy my company because as you taught my sister last year, I am positive that you will enjoy my company in the classroom as much as you did when my sister learnt so much from you and took pleasure in coming to class each day.

In conclusion, my joy of reading, the ability that I have with acting, my long narratives and the fact that you enjoyed teaching my sister, would surely mean I would be a delightful student to be in the company of.

Application to be a School Captain

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Dear Classmates and Teachers,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMy name is Melina and I have been at this school since prep. I have been involved in student representative council, better buddies program, I have been chosen by my teacher to make a project on orang-utans to help save their species last year, I have been a first aid monitor in sport and I have also been a member of the green team, therefore I have had lots of experiences with leadership roles. I have also had experiences with public speaking and have worked with young children in the past such as my sister and the preps during the better buddies program.

As part of being school captain, you have to be organised. I use my diary in a way that helps me manage my time. I record the homework that needs to be completed and write a set date. Then I plan when I’m going to do it, at a specific time of the week. As a result, I have my homework due on time. To have good organization skills is important, and that is one of my strong points.

I am also able to communicate well with students of all ages and I always try to collaborate in group activities during class. If I am the leader of a group, I will make sure that everyone is respected, and also make sure that they have a chance to share their ideas about the topic.  My communication skills could also help Moonee Ponds Primary School to be a great school, instead of a good one.

I will be open to new learning experiences such as running meetings and doing administrative tasks, for example, making posters to inform the school of upcoming events. All of these skills could help me in the future because I might have to have an interview with the principle of my future high school or might even have to apply for a job. I can take on constructive criticism about my work and even though some tasks are challenging, I am willing to give them a go.

Some of my past experiences that I’ve had are, for example when I’m doing a writing task, and I show my writing to the teacher, I would take on the feedback that has been offered to me and use it to make my writing even better than it was. I think that I would be a great school captain, in plenty of ways, so that I can promote the school to be a safer and better place.

Kind regards,


Books are better than television

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I strongly believe that books are better than television.

Without television, the ideas that you could get from books could be amazing, but if your brain is filled with images of your favourite show, it’s going to be hard trying to remember that idea. In the past I’ve watched children empty their brains of imagination and fill it with who-knows-what. Having an imagination means that you can do anything, even if it’s in your dreams.

Another reason why books are better than television is because books can expand your vocabulary. When you read books, it’s most likely that if you’re reading a new or challenging book, new words will appear as you go along. As you continue reading, you will become a stronger reader which will lead to you going a step further to read more challenging books, which will then lead to a wider vocabulary and, harder books.

If you believe that you’re already a strong reader, then keep going that extra step further for your imagination and vocabulary to go far.

Books can be shared with friends and family and sometimes, that way it can be easier to comprehend. Even though you can watch television with a friend, it’s not really helping you to grow your imagination and vocabulary at all. Family or friends can help you understand what specific words mean or if you are a bit confused about the events in the story. Having a friend or family member by your side to help you with reading can make it more fun than just sitting on the couch for hours on end every day, until your brain rots in your skull.

You could have much more fun if you use your imagination in writing, use different words in that writing in your vocabulary and share your reading with your friends.

That is why I believe that books are better than television.