A Raindrop in the Sunshine

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Life was perfect. I had friends, I had family. Back in Perth, life was wonderful. Now it’s as if it’s all fallen apart. Ever since we moved, mum and dad have been too busy with work. I hardly ever get time with them at all, and when I do I feel as if nothing ever changed. I wish it could be like that more often. But everything has changed. And it’s as if nothing will ever be the same again.

It started Wednesday, my first day of school in Sydney. New faces, new teachers and hopefully new friends. I was really excited but kind of nervous too. The usual feelings on someone’s first day. I walked proudly through the school gates, a big smile on my face. There were children on the playground and walking on the asphalt. So far, I liked the look of this school. I walked towards my classroom and set my books on my desk, the bell rang and in came the teacher.

I have to say…pretty boring first lesson.

I filled my lunch tray in the cafeteria and ended up sitting on my own. Nobody noticed me. Nobody came and sat next to me. It seemed as if everyone already had their own friends. I wondered if there was someone else like me in the world, no friends, all alone. An old memory found its way into my stream of thoughts. It seemed as if my old home and the sycamore tree was something that never even existed. I remember sitting under the shade of it with my grandma, as she retold stories from when she played around the railway tracks when she was a kid. I thought back to movie nights I had with my parents. I remember ice creams and sleepovers with my friends. How I miss my friends.

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When the bell rang for home time I quickly gathered up my books and walked home, alone. Mum was in the kitchen when I got there.

“So, how was your first day?” she asked.

I start up the stairs.

“It was fine mum,” I call back. I turn away from her.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she seems concerned.

“Um…”I paused. A moment to talk to mum sounded so good. A moment to tell her what I felt about school and about moving. But my head declines my heart and I blurt out:

“No mum, don’t worry. Anyway, I got homework I need to do.”

“On the first day?” she responded, confused.

“Oh yeah! You know with all those strict teachers and stuff.” I walked up the last step, went into my bedroom and collapsed on my bed. I turned over and looked up at the ceiling. I sighed.

Why me? Why do I have to be the one with no friends? I turn over and sob silently into my pillow. I feel so alone and lonely, like no one likes me. Like no one cares for me. Like I don’t exist. It hurts. I’m not used to having no friends. Maybe it hurts so much because I’m not used to it. But my hopes are high. Tomorrow will be a great day.

The same thing…for 3 days after. No one talked to me at all. Except for the nice lady at the cafeteria. On Fridays, she always gives me a double serve on chips. That’s nice, I guess. But it’s a bit embarrassing thinking that my only friend at my brand new school is part of the staff.

One Thursday lunchtime, after I tipped the remnants of my lunch into the rubbish bin I went into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I feel like the only person in the world without friends.


The first time I saw her she looked really upset. I can relate to that. At my other school, I was bullied. But when I came here, I found friends fast. I guess it’s different for Autumn. I do try to talk to her though. But each time I try and come up to her she walks away. As if she knows I’m coming. As if she actually WANTS to be alone. I know no one does (except for when my little brother annoys me when I need to do my homework). But I really want to be her friend. I talked to mum and dad about it and they said that I shouldn’t try to be her friend. They said that it was her problem that she’s alone. I was a bit taken aback, so I decided not to mention it again.

I’ve talked about it to Willow and Emma too, who have been my best friends almost as soon as I met them here. I told them that I’ve kind of been watching Autumn. Emma’s response was:

“Creepy!” Typical.

And Willow just said:

“Maybe she wants to be by herself.”

I ignored Emma’s remark and replied simply to Willow’s:

“I’ve told you guys before. She just looks so sad all the time, that I know she DEFINITLY wants a friend…or friend-z.”

I had no idea why, but I had made it my mission to talk to Autumn and to be her friend. I think it’s because I just don’t like seeing people by themselves.

Three days in the first week that Autumn attended our school I didn’t get a single chance to talk to her. She stayed out of people’s way. But after lunchtime on Thursday afternoon, I saw her walking off into the girls’ bathroom. This was my chance I guess.

“Where are you going?” Emma asked as I stood up from my table. I raised my eyebrows in response.

I made my way over to the bathroom, straight after Autumn. This, was the moment of truth.


I was crying with my eyes buried into my knees when I heard someone come in.

“Hello?” a voice called. “Are you okay?”

I didn’t say anything, but stayed quiet.

“Do you want me to get a teacher?” the voice asked again.

“No I’m alright thanks,” I quickly said. I wiped the tears from my eyes. I stood up and unlocked the door.

Standing outside my door was a girl about the same age as me, with shoulder length blonde hair and radiant blue eyes.

“Hi, I’m September,” she said.

“Autumn,” I responded.

“Sorry but I happened to come in and I heard you crying. You sounded really upset.”

“Well,” I started. “I’ve been here for almost a week and I haven’t got any friends.” (I decided not to mention the cafeteria lady.) “I’ve just moved from Perth to here and I miss my old friends and my grandma and…”

I started crying again. September patted me on the back.

“It’s okay Autumn, I can be your friend.”

She guided me back into the cafeteria. The last five words September mentioned were ringing in my head.

I can be your friend.

I smiled. A small but happy smile. I felt something inside. A spark of happiness. For the first time since I moved, I could have never felt better.

Just the way you are


Miracle in the Moonlight

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My name is Amy Clover. I am 12 years old. I live with my mum, my dad and the most annoying older brother in the world, Luke. It’s really hard to live in my house.

You see, mum doesn’t have a job and dad was fired just a week ago, but he’s started to help delivering the mail and he only gets five dollars an hour so we don’t have much money to live off. The only person who really supplies us with food is my bestest, bestest, bestest friend, Grace.

She’s really nice to me and she sometimes brings food over for our family. Mum and dad can hardly afford to buy new school stuff each year for Luke and I. But at least I’m not bored most days and can learn things at school.

I was bullied at school today. All the boys were laughing at me because my pants were too short. How could I tell them my secret? How could I tell them that I hardly even get 1 block of chocolate every week? I have to wear something even though my pants may be a bit short.

As I walked home afterschool that day I had no idea that when I got there I was in for a big surprise.

“Five thousand dollars!” screamed Luke as he paced the room. “Five THOUSAND dollars! If we enter this competition we could win five, THOUSAND, dollars!”

“Please Luke, calm down,” said mum softly.

“CALM DOWN?!” bellowed Luke turning to face mum. “How can I calm when there could be a whole five thousand dollars waiting for us at the finish line?”

I have to admit that it would be pretty cool to own five thousand dollars but honestly, was he out of his mind?

“Luke please,” begged mum. “If we enter this competition we have as much as a chance as everybody else! And what happens if we don’t win? Huh? What happens then? We don’t even have a hot-air balloon.”

Luke stared at her as if he had swallowed a fly. He didn’t know what to say. His mind had gone blank. It was as if the words had escaped like prisoners from a jail.

“But what if we do win mum?” was the only thing he could manage. “What if we do win five thousand dollars?”

She sighed.

“Then I guess we’ll have to make the best of it,” she said.

We hardly said anything until dad got back. Mum suddenly piped up and said,

“We have to talk about something, all of us.”

She shoved the poster into his hands. He looked at mum blankly.

It was a long discussion but eventually, mum just said yes.

“I’m gonna regret this…” she mumbled as she lay down on the moth-eaten sofa.


Teenage Adventure

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Comets zoomed past. Asteroids floated by. No gravity existed in this dotted world…

As soon as my helmet was secured on my head, I was ready to go into the star-specked backyard. This was the moment we’d been waiting for our whole lives. This was the moment when we’d discover what was really out there; beyond the superb sky and the colourless clouds…

It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it. We were standing on the crater-covered moon. The first 14 year olds on the moon!

Amelia planted our flag and excitedly jumped up and down. I was as excited as she was. We would be on Mars in 5 days.


We arrived on the red, rocky planet, excited and nervous. As we exited the rocket ship, a giant UFO shone a bright, white spotlight down on us. We floated as fast as we could back to the ship, but…too late.We were whisked away, up, up, up until we landed with a thud!

We slowly sat up as a friendly alien greeted us and showed us around. He said he had picked us up because he was lonely. So we gave him some company.

Then we told him that we needed to get back to Mars to where our rocket ship was to go back home to earth. His head began to fall and his face didn’t look that happy anymore but then he had an idea.

He left us waiting where we were and then came back with something in his hand.

It was a walkie-talkie. He had one of his own and also said that we would be able to talk to him down on earth.

We thanked him and he drove the UFO back to Mars. We then waved goodbye and floated out of the ship on to the red, rocky surface. 

As we fastened our seat belts and the rocket took off, we were on our way to another adventure.

Senses Story

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I could smell the fresh, warm, delicate air gliding across my face. The warm sun smelt like a sunflower, blooming under the tall, green trees. I think I could just smell the acorns and gum leaves sprouting and the life around me rocked me to sleep.

I woke up realising I’d fell asleep and quietly walked back through the forest.

Suddenly, the atmosphere around me went cold and dull. I visualised what I had just seen, and immediatly started to feel cold.

I shivered.

I watched as icicles formed their amazing shape and fall to the ground as an icy wind blew the trees wildly. The animals began to start their early hibernation. 

I went over to a tree and leaned against it. It was frozen all over and it felt SO cold, it felt like it wouldn’t even melt with 2 litres of boiling water.

After a minute, the ice frozen on the tree started melting. If this tree’s ice started melting when I touched it,I thought, then maybe other trees will melt if I touched them!

Yes! After touching other trees in the frozen forest I could finally hear the animals coming out of their burrows from a short hibernation.

The heart and the bottle…my made-up ending!

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She tried to think about what she would have done with the heart removed from the bottle, but she couldn’t…she needed her heart.

She walked down the street asking passers-by what to do, but none of them seemed to understand her need.

She walked back to the beach and saw that the young girl was still there.

Suddenly, a wave of curiosity floated into her mind and she dashed into the water, joining the young girl to discover the wonders of the universe.