Letter to Jude

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Dear Jude,

                     Going back to the last day of term last year, was seeing myself in tears walking up the grade 5/6 staircases, hanging my arm around one of my best grade 6 friends, India. It took many hugs from me and my friends to say goodbye, and it was a while before I left the schoolyard for the last time that year.

But my woe about India couldn’t stay long since Christmas was on its way! Thursday morning, Mietta woke me up at quarter past six, so I slept another hour or two before opening up my presents. I got some paints, a 3D jigsaw puzzle, 2 Dymocks gift cards and an iTunes gift card. Mietta and I also absolutely, totally, seriously, ADORE Harry Potter, so my mum is going to get us Harry Potter robes online, but we just haven’t found the right ones yet. I love Harry potter SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much that I can’t even explain how much I love it (although the O’s might give you a hint).

Then later on, my mum, Mietta and I made our way over to our grandparents house, like we do every year for Christmas and Easter. First we handed out the presents. I was given Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, a small chest of draws and cupboards to put my jewellery in and a pair of winter pyjamas.

The day went on like usual: My cousins, my sister and I mucked around our grandparents front yard, we had a delicious lunch of chicken, chops, salad, cheese and one of our greek grandmother’s family delicacies… pastry with either cheese, cheese and leek or pumpkin for filling (personally, my favourite is cheese).

The rest of my summer holidays were spent with me reading (I absolutely LOVE to read), drawing (I am quite artistic), diving into outdoor pool water, or totally owning the waves at Melbourne’s wave beaches (I think that I’m so god at boogie boarding, I call myself the Wave Queen or The Queen of the Waves).

I also went to a place near Inverloch called Venus Bay and stayed at a caravan park. It was all good fun, apart from the fact that we’d missed all the good weather, and the next day was absolute pouring rain.

Like how you mentioned in your letter, I also enjoy watching the Australian Open, although I prefer watching a men’s match over a women’s as I find the women make more noise…it’s like they put the same amount of effort into their hit as they do their noise.

This year I am interested in starting school to explore new things and to get to know you better.