100WC – Incomplete

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I had failed. My attempt to save my friend’s life was unsuccessful. I had one chance, and when I picked her up as she fell, her blood spilled through my hands like cordial. I felt incomplete. Maya was gone. Left. Extinct. Dead.

I trudged down the rocky landscape. I could just make out the silhouette of forest trees. I wish I there now, but this was reality and I had to escape it.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp burst of pain. Perhaps from all this walking. My head really ached but by the time I called for help, I was already on my way to a new life.

100WC – Unexpectantly

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Before it appeared, there was a sign from my sacred creature. A monarch butterfly landed on my finger in the silent classroom. I knew it meant something, I just didn’t know what. It was like a lone balloon floating up in the air after a child had accidentally, let it go. A taunt to whoever lost it.

It wasn’t exactly dangerous, nor was it fascinating. It was just there. There was rumbling, lots of rumbling. Then we looked outside, and it was there. A massive lamb’s head made out of white cans.

Huh. Weird.

100WC – The Great Beetle

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I once knew a great beetle. An odd but kindly soul, beloved by his many friends. He was known for one thing in particular. His love and commitment for sports. I know, weird right? But that was him, and I couldn’t change it.

The onset of his last tennis tournament came. Nobody knew what would happen in the end. This match was intense and shocking.

Then the opposition hit hard. Harder than ever. Beetle fell back on the ground, not moving. The referee jumped from where he sat and checked hard. He stood, and shook his head.

The results were through. We knew who won.

100WC: The Night of New Years’ Eve

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It came quickly. I had been through my first year of high school. Tough times. But now, my favourite night of the year had come.

I have always loved fireworks. The way they glimmered and gleamed in the sky against the dark cloak of the night. My former experience of the first time I saw them has made New Years’ Eve convenient, as my family like to see them too.

From a distance, I suddenly saw the first firework up in the sky.
It was like an avalanche of colours. A new one is released. I smile.

Just beautiful.

100WC: The Strange Change

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There was nothing I could do to keep the tears from coming. They just flooded right out of her eyes. She just wouldn’t stop crying. I never new what she was crying about.

I thought maybe it might’ve been the meager amount of food she got to eat. Or the last exert that she read before her mother died. Or the bargain her father made with our neighbour. I don’t know.

But maybe it’s the strange change in the wind, or the sound of stillness, or the way thorns now grow at every corner. Just maybe.