Daily Dash: Magic

It began at the stroke of midnight with no explanation. It was just out of the blue. No one expected it. But I knew it was coming.

Old Mr. Gibbs had warned me two nights before. I hadn’t acted quickly enough. I just thought it was some myth or fairy tale, but on that enchanted night as a full moon rose, the attackers just kept on coming, terrifying the town’s people, their screams drowning out the groans of the dead. Hardly anyone survived, but the few that did sensed the presence of a strong, dangerous creature. Strong magically though, not physically. Strength that belonged to a dark, dark creature, with the power to wake the dead.

I knew as this being rose out of the ground and the pale, pale eyes shone in the moonlight, that this was a Necromancer. A dark being…with a dark purpose.

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