100WC – Buy, Buy, Buy

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You know what I want to do? I just want to go down the mall and grab every single item that I lay my eyes on. But obviously, I CAN’T. Mum doesn’t let me. She keeps all my savings in the bank and I can’t lay a FINGER on it. And she never lets me buy the things that I want. My friends always get everything that they want. I feel so jealous.

But I guess that I’m kind of lucky. I can save my money, while my friends are buying what they want with their OWN money. So…thanks mum.

One thought on “100WC – Buy, Buy, Buy

  1. Hi Melena,
    I really like you idea of not being able to buy anything into a good thing, because like you said not spending you money is good. Because you can keep it till when you grow up and then use it as much as you want. So I really like your story and I didn’t see any mistakes or spelling errors and I really like the way your blog is set out.

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